Who we are

Rama Phosphates Limited (RPL) is one of the leading Phosphatic Fertilizer manufacturers, ie. Single Super Phosphate (SSP) fertilizer manufacturing in India.

Rama Phosphates Limited is a public limited company with its stocks listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Rama Phosphates Ltd has the following manufacturing divisions :
a) Fertilizer ? Phosphatic, Mixed, Fortified and Micronutrients
b) Chemicals
c) Soya Edible Oil

Our manufacturing units of Pune, Indore and Udaipur are all strategically located in the Western Indian region where phosphatic fertilizer consumption is predominant, ie. 60% of All India consumption is in this region.

The Company is engaged in manufacturing phosphatic fertilizers viz. Single Super Phosphate (SSP) in Powder as well as Granule form, Mixed fertilizers namely NPK of various grades, Fortified fertilizer namely Boronated Single Super Phosphate (Powder and Granule), Micronutrients namely Magnesium Sulphate. Chemicals like Sulphuric Acid and Oleum. Oil division is engaged in extraction of Soy Oil with value-added product Lecithin.

“During our scintillating journey thus far we bagged ?Overall Best Performances Award? instituted by Fertilizer Association of India for three years consecutively.”

Our Story
Rama Phosphates Limited (RPL)
  • Rama Phosphates Limited (RPL) started the fertilizer business activity in the year 1982 at Pune where Sulphuric Acid manufacturing was going on since 1967.
  • After stabilization of this unit, company turned its focus to Indore and in the year 1987 ? 88 set up SSP fertilizer and Acid plant.
  • From Pune, it introduced ?Suryaphool? brand of SSP fertilizers both powder and granule
  • At Indore, ?Girnar? brand was introduced.
  • After stabilization of these brands and products and also with expansion of capacity of both fertilizer and acid plants, in the year 1996, a new unit at Udaipur was commissioned
  • At Udaipur enhanced production to 1.81 Lac MT of SSP Fertilizer in the year 2009.
  • De-risking measures and multi-products under single-basket : Company forayed into manufacture of Fortified SSP fertilizers of Boronated and Zincated in the year 2015, 2016 & 2017 at all our three units and thus increased our offer of products under single-basket. Company also introduced micronutrients, water soluble mixed fertilizers simultaneously.
  • We did outsourcing and promoted phosphate rich organic manure (PROM)
  • Currently we have introduced Magnesium Sulphate
  • Our Sulphonation plant for production of LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benze Sulphonic Acid) is under commissioning at Udaipur.

“The first company in the country to launch Zincated Boronated Single Super Phosphate (Granule).”

Our Product

Straight Phosphatic Fertilizers in Powder and Granulated forms as also Fortified with Boron and Zinc phosphate fertilizers. Also manufacture Micronutrients, Water Soluble fertilizers, Mixed Fertilizers. Chemical division manufactures Sulphuric Acid and Oleum. In Oil division Soya oil and DOC manufactured


Straight Phosphatic, Fortified with Boron and Zinc fertilizers in Powder and Granulated alongwith Micronutrients, Water Soluble fertilizers, Mixed Fertilizers


Industrial chemicals like Sulphuric Acid 98%, Oleum 23%. Battery fluid Sulphuric Acid is a specialized product


Crude and Refined Edible Soya oil along with De Oiled Cake. Value-added product Lecithin is also manufactured

Rama Phosphates Ltd provides the highest quality standards to our customers. We believe in building trust with our esteemed customers and fulfilling our promise to give the best quality products.

We?ve come a long way
  • The company started with single product manufacturing of Straight Phosphatic fertilizers viz., Single Super Phosphate in Powder as well as Granule form.
  • Products range increased to cater to farming community with introduction of Mixed Fertilizers of NPK of various grades and also introduced Fortified fertilizers to compensate shortfall of Boron and Zinc in the field.
  • The products line currently extended to Micronutrients and Water Soluble fertilizers. Thus, we serve all products under ?Single-basket? for farmer?s need.
  • Chemicals division introduced with Sulphuric Acid 98% and extended the product to Oleum 23% and Battery fluid Acid to meet special requirements.
  • Oil division started with Soy oil extraction and introduced value-added product Lecithin

Rama Phosphates Ltd strives to create positive experiences with the customers and we maintain long lasting relationships with our esteemed customers

We got to work
RPL is one of the largest manufacturers in India. The products of RPL are marketed in various States in the country under brand name of?”Girnar”?and “Suryaphool”.?Both the brands are leading brands in the States of Maharashtra, M.P., Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana, Gujarat, etc

Rama Phosphates Ltd strives to keep customer satisfaction. Our products create value for our customers.

Our Udaipur Team