Water Soluble Fertilizer (GIRNAR)

At Rama Phosphates Ltd, our mission is to be a major source for Fertilizer products where farmers can get multiple solutions and services.


It is commonly known as Epsom salt and it is a form of mineral. This product is used in gardening and other agriculture activities and mainly used to correct Magnesium or Sulphur deficiency in soil since Magnesium is an essential element in chlorophyll molecule such as potato, tomato, lemon, carrot, pepper and roses. It is also used in cotton and other fruit crops like banana and also in oil seed crops. Magnesium Sulphate is packed in attractive 25 Kg BOPP bags.


Packed in 50 kg BOPP bags

The raw material for Soil conditioner is mainly Phospo Gypsum & Dolomite. It is manufactured in both Powder & Granular form. For granulation bentonite powder is used. Soil conditioner is basically used for increasing fertility of soil by enrichment of Sulphur, Magnesium & Calcium. Soil conditioner available in different grades though Calcium:Magnesium:Sulphur 20 : 5 : 10 is mainly used grade by the farmers. It is packed in 50 kg attractive BOPP bags