Suryaphool Farmer Interviews

Shri Bandu Eaknath Shinde (MAHARASHTRA)

USED SURYAPHOOL SSP FERTILIZER: Shri Eaknath has been cultivating Sugarcane for many years. Our representative, Mr Patki, had a discussion with him regarding sowing, uses of fertilizer, irrigation facilities and also returns on investment.

When asked about uses of fertilizer, it was observed that farmer is using lesser quantity of SURYAPHOOL SSP than required for P205 nutrient of the plants. Our officer Shri Patki explained to the farmer the economics and proper use of SURYAPHOOL SSP. Shri Eknath started to realize following merits after using SURYAPHOOL SSP.

  • a) Increased juice quality
  • b) Increased cane yield
  • c) Increase of sugar content
  • c) Much less pests and much less diseases attacking

Shri Suryakant Rao Shete. (MAHARASHTRA)

USED SURYAPHOOL BORONATED SSP FERTILIZER: Mr. Suryakant Rao Shete is a farmer cultivating Bananas. Shri Shete has been cultivating Bananas for many years.? Earlier, he used to apply plain SSP; but after discussion with our officer, Mr Someshwar, he used SURYAPHOOL BORONATED SSP in some portion of his Banana field.

Seeing and after comparing the crop condition of the two separate fields, Shri Shete realised and understood the benefits of Boron fortified SSP. The farmer has started using SURYAPHOOL Boronated Single Super Phosphate. Shri Shete has also started recommending SURYAPHOOL Boronated Single Super Phosphate to other farmers.

MR. Nitin Ashok Gorde (MAHARASHTRA)

Mr. Nitin Ashok Gorde is an established farmer. Shri Gorde has been farming Onion crops for many years. Earlier, he used to apply P2O5 through DAP/NPK. After Mr. Gunjal?s (company officer) discussion with farmer, he started using SURYAPHOOL ZINCATED SSP along with Urea.

Mr. Gorde started realizing excellent results by applying SURYAPHOLL ZINCATED SSP FERTILIZER with marked improvements in the following:

  • a) Higher grain production
  • b) Earlier crop maturity
  • c) Reduction in cost

Mr Sunil Lokhare (MAHARASHTRA)

USED SURYA PHOOL MAGNESIUM SULPHATE: He is a farmer and cultivating Banana and Turmeric.Previously Shri Lokhare was not using Magnesium Sulphate in banana crop. Our marketing officer, Mr Someshwar, had a discussion at our dealer shop and the farmer started applying SURYAPHOOL MAGNESIUM SULPHATE.? The farmer started realizing better results and very good crop; he, further found great improvements like :

  • a) Higher production
  • b) Improved crop quality
  • c) No pests / No diseases attacking

Mr Vijay Kalankar (MAHARASHTRA)

USED SURYAPHOOL POTASSIUM SULPHATE: He is farmer who cultivates Bananas. Mr Kalankar was using Magnesium Sulphate in the banana crop purchased from other sources. Our marketing officer, Mr Someshwar, had a discussion with him. The farmer started applying SURYAPHOOL POTASSIUM SULPHATE and started realizing better results. Mr Lokhare started realizing very good crop by applying this and found great improvements like,

  • a) Higher production
  • b) Improved crop quality
  • c) No pests / No diseases attacking