Phosphatic Fertilizers

At Rama Phosphates Ltd, our mission is to be a major source for Fertilizer products where farmers can get multiple solutions and services.

SURYAPHOOL : Single Super Phosphate – Powder (PSSP)

Our PSSP powder conforms to FCO standards comprising of 16% water soluble Monocalcium Phosphate, i.e. P2O5 and also 21% Calcium and 12% Sulphur which are unique to this fertilizer. This PSSP fertilizer is available in standard packing of 50kg PP bags with free flowing material for easy application in the field. This water soluble phosphorus of SSP increases absorption capacity of soil while calcium increases porosity and productivity of soil. The Sulphur content in this product increases resistance capacity of plants. . It is used for oil seed crops, paddy, sugarcane and also for vegetables & fruits in small quantity as per the need.

SURYAPHOOL : Single Super Phosphate – Granulated (GSSP)

Our GSSP is variant of PSSP. This is served in Granular form which helps in handy use and enhances penetration of nutrients as also avoids spillage of powder in air. This GSSP is produced in granule form of size as prescribed under FCO norms. This GSSP is packed in 50 Kg PP bags with double stitching. Our Single Super Phosphate achieves 100% solubility in comparison with other phosphatic fertilizers like DAP, AN etc., and thus ensures for full value of money. This granulated SSP is used in sugarcane, oil seed crops, paddy and also for vegetable and fruits cultivation.