Download e-book for kindle: Ancient Mystic Rites (Theosophical Classics Series) by C. W. Leadbeater

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By C. W. Leadbeater

Combining seership with technology, Leadbeater provides this soaking up, in-depth, examine of the secret faculties of Egypt, Greece, Judea, the Knights Templar of the center a long time, and the emergence of Co-Masonry within the 20th century.

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On a closer examination, Habermas’s article impresses that it is not the state which issues the call to form alliances but reason, and that religious communities are supposed to come to the aid of reason, not to that of the state. As the title “An Awareness of What is Missing” suggests, Habermas is speaking from the standpoint of reason and in the name of reason. Reason is pursuing its own aims. Before examining what this involves, we must first address three questions: What is meant in general by saying “that something is missing”: Who exactly is missing what?

From the perspective of social theory, of course, 4 Compare Maeve Cooke’s attempt to draw upon the theory of deliberative democracy to talk not only in terms of a post-secular society but also of a post-secular state (see Cooke 2007). 49 MICHAEL REDER the intelligibility of the arguments and the recognition of plurality remain the central formal criterion; but the proposed view would not question this either. In the controversy with Rawls’s narrower understanding of religion, Habermas himself stresses that the vitality of the liberal state rests on its multivocal character and that citizens owe one another reasons for their positions in the sense of reciprocal perspective-taking.

Each phase was necessary, the second could not be skipped, and he regarded the third as defi nitive. For Comte, neither can there be a return to the two previous phases nor can they recur in a different guise. 31 NORBERT BRIESKORN As a matter of fact, the passage of time and the changes it brings never allow a past state to be recovered. Thus, as regards Habermas’s concept of reason, we would be dealing, as a result of the historical development, with a definitive and irrevocably positive reason (an a-theological and a-metaphysical reason) – thus with a concept of reason which, as we have seen, Habermas does not make his own.

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