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D. Royer, G. Ritschard (auth.), J. P. Ancot (eds.)'s Analysing the Structure of Econometric Models PDF

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By D. Royer, G. Ritschard (auth.), J. P. Ancot (eds.)

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Understanding the constitution of a giant econometric version is just like the artwork of winetasting or just like the artwork of enjoying a musical tool. the standard of a wine effects from a fancy blend of assorted components equivalent to its color which could be transparent and crystalline, its odor that are decomposed right into a common aroma and numerous specific features, roughly power counting on the sort and the age of the wine, its flavor, in fact, which back is a fancy process whose equilibrium and beauty rely on the complete set of elements: alcohol, tannin, glycerine, sugar, acidity . . . equally, a clarinetist's musicianship depends upon the standard of his software, on his embouchure, fingering, tonguing and articu­ lation strategies, on his feel for rhythm, phasing and tone color. notwithstanding, the attraction produced through a Romanee-Conti or through a super functionality of Brahm's F minor sonata for clarinet and piano arises from a procedure that is while time a lot less complicated and masses extra advanced than the easy juxtaposition of person causal kinfolk. lately econometricians and macro-economists were challenged by way of the matter of retaining abreast with an ever expanding variety of a growing number of complicated huge econometric versions. the need of constructing systematic analytical instruments to review the usually implicit and hidden constitution of those types has develop into extra evident.

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This second step deals with ides from Henin (1974), Rossier (1979) or Gilli (1979). The weakness of the second step results and the phenomenon of causal circularity justify the introduction of the concept of loop (or feedback). That concept, for which we try to find an economic interpretation, is essential in this process and the determination of the feedbacks is the third step of the reading. Different approaches, like those of Keller (1970), Deleau and Malgrange (I 978), Gilli and Rossier (1981) and Brillet ( 1981 a) have distinguished between two meanings of the feedback set; the first one is such that its cardinality is minimised and the 36 second one is such that the quantitative impact (error) due to its deletion is minimised.

27 similar, regardless of the starting point that has been chosen. when a model has to be solved, the choice of the resolution scheme is crucial with respect to the performance of the solution algorithm. We will briefly discuss the second of the above arguments by presenting the results of an exercise in which different resolution schemes have been used for solving the interdependent block of our model by means of an iterative Gauss-Seidel procedure. 3 The exercise consisted in solving the interdependent block for two periods using first the block-recursive scheme given in the preceding figure.

All these properties are purely combinatorial, generally without any economic interpretation and thus we are not surprised to obtain minimum feedback vertex sets where we do not find the variable q as economic intuition would suggest. 45 Our distinction between 'mathematical' and 'economic' approaches -which is not a logical contradiction because they may coincide- is justified by this experiment as it was already by the remarks in Srillet (198la). Meanwhile, some permanent properties in the structure of the models involve the frequent presence of some variables; first of all, national income (or national product) which features at the centre of the real model appears in numerous circuits of length two and belongs to numerous minimum sets.

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Analysing the Structure of Econometric Models by D. Royer, G. Ritschard (auth.), J. P. Ancot (eds.)

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