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By M. Demerec (Ed.)

ISBN-10: 012017605X

ISBN-13: 9780120176052

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These situations will all be illustrated by the examples described in this article. 1. The Control of Balmced Polymorphism The nature of the opposing selective agencies which give rise to balanced polymorphism is sometimes evident. Any outbreeding mechanism, such as heterostyly or sex, clearly promotes diversity, and so does Batesian mimicry. I n other circumstances, we have little or nothing to show what are the advantages that are opposed to one another. If equilibrium is reached when one of the controlling genes is a t a low frequency (occupying a few per cent of the loci), we have effectively a dimorphism, segregating on the basis of heterozygote and one homozygote (assuming that a single pair of allelomorphs is involved).

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