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By Peter Davey, Christopher Hussey

ISBN-10: 0713663081

ISBN-13: 9780713663082

This violin train incorporates a newcomers' direction in 20 steps, with over a hundred renowned songs and tunes. it may be used along spouse tutors for viola and cello and contains duets. This violin show incorporates a novices' direction in 20 steps, with over a hundred well known songs and tunes. it may be used along spouse tutors for viola, cello and double bass and contains duets.

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I as you is No stand,- I be won't stand by a So me. me by- me, stand by- be a- by . 55 I + me. Learn this zig-zag technique, which uses the whole bo\N. / 1 ~"}'f b~at Dolce n shows a r1 V r1 pattern shows a V i1 V pattern s~n5 traditional Scottish .......... b. b. I¡ 11. 112. e. ,¿ /1) F} ¡;'~ JtlpitfT (p~pil'spart) Gustav Holst Inthis piece, use your 4th finger to play the note D on the G string when marked. ~/ ¡ Maestoso , ~ .. f , Accompaniment p 11 4. 5. al Fine Melady .. , .. ) I~ ~ is a crescendo.


B. ~. 6~~II- ~. , \ 1 s In this step you will practise a slow-fast bowing pattern in g 1 slow fast J j r) t'1 Dynamics tell you how quietly o, or loudly to play. ; tells you to play quietly. It stands for piano meaning 'quiet'; f Ti T) te 115yo u to play loudly. It stands for forte meaning 'Ioud'. T) 1"', ,"" Paul McCartney o o f p or Win lose, v o Sink or o ~é" ~r' One thing is swim, " v C' p 8 ~~~I 4 o I Tl -~ '.... 4J cer - tain we'lI ) n I P nev - er I r '-41 14 / "¡ -,- I I I p , . - f We hond, I .

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