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By Susan Maclagan

ISBN-10: 0810867117

ISBN-13: 9780810867116

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ISBN-13: 9780810867284

A Dictionary for the fashionable Flutist provides transparent and concise definitions of greater than 1,500 universal flute-related phrases participant of the Boehm-system flute may perhaps come across. totally illustrated with greater than a hundred photographs, the entries include descriptions of phrases on the topic of all elements of the flute: flute varieties, flute components, flute fix, taking part in concepts, acoustics, articulations, intonation, universal adorns, flutemaking, flute heritage, flute tune books, and more.Susan Maclagan has completely researched and labeled every one time period, together with vital flute phrases that experience prompted confusion or now not been sincerely outlined formerly, directory them alphabetically with concise, in-depth definitions. conscientiously classified illustrations for plenty of flute varieties, elements, mechanisms, and add-ons support to make the definitions more straightforward to imagine. The entries additionally encompass short biographies of greater than 50 major names within the flute neighborhood around the globe. a number of appendixes offer additional details on topics like flute classifications, kinds of smooth Boehm-system flutes and their elements, key and tone gap names, head joint recommendations, and orchestra and opera audition excerpts. articles, Checking Your Flute Tuning and Scale through the flutist and pedagogue Trevor Wye—who additionally contributed the foreword—and Flute Clutches by means of the historian David Shorey, also are incorporated, in addition to an intensive bibliography.

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The length of the bass flute is twice that of the concert flute, so it is necessary for the head joint to be doubled back upon itself (see curved head joint) to make it easier to hold. 6 in. 31 m). The effective length, from the open end to the top of the bow where the flute starts to double back, is about 37 in. 94 m). 5 in. 4 in. (1 m). 14 BATCH MARK The Albisiphon of 1910 was the first type of bass flute that had any lasting value. It was not until the 1930s that the bass flute was perfected by Rudall, Carte & Co.

Today, the Baroque flute is the most popularly played early flute. As a result, many modern Baroque flutes are now being made, based on early 18th-century originals. See also baroque pitch; breath vibrato; bulbous head joint; classical flute; CORPS D’AMOUR; cutoff frequency; e flute; finial; “flute in . ” (1); fourth flute (1); high-pitched flute (2); intonation; inverted conical bore; period instrument; piccolo (1); quantz flute; quint flute (1); range (2); second flute (1); simple system (1, 3); third flute (1); TRAVERSO; tuning rings; two-keyed flute; veiled tone (1); voice flute (1).

To avoid confusion, basic fingerings are often learned before alternate fingerings. : normal fingerings, regular fingerings, standard fingerings. See also b fingerings; fundamental (2); fundamental fingering; fundamental note; fundamental resonance (1); harmonic (2); key vibrato; resonance; trill fingerings; trill keys; veiled tone (2). For early flutes, see also augmented fingerings; closed-key system; one-keyed flute. BASSE DE FLÛTE. Fr. for basset recorder in the late Baroque. BASSFLÖTE. 1. Ger.

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