Download e-book for iPad: A Desert Calling: Life in a Forbidding Landscape by Michael A. Mares

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By Michael A. Mares

ISBN-10: 0674007476

ISBN-13: 9780674007475

For many folks the note "desert" evokes photographs of barren desert, huge, dry stretches inimical to existence. yet for an exceptional array of creatures, even perhaps extra considerable than those that inhabit tropical rainforests, the wasteland is a haven and a house. commute with Michael Mares into the deserts of Argentina, Iran, Egypt, and the yank Southwest and you may come across a wealthy and remarkable number of those small, tenacious animals, lots of them first found via Mares in parts by no means earlier than studied. Accompanying Mares on his forays into those adverse habitats, we discover the notable behavioral, physiological, and ecological variations that experience allowed such little-known species of rodents, bats, and different small mammals to persist in an arid international. whilst, we see firsthand the perils and pitfalls that look ahead to biologists who enterprise into the sphere to enquire new habitats, observe new species, and upload to our wisdom of the range of existence. packed with the seductions and trials that such adventures entail, A desolate tract Calling presents an intimate knowing of the biologist's vocation. As he astonishes us with the diversity and diversity of data to be bought during the made up our minds research of little-known habitats, Mares opens a window on his personal unusual lifestyles, in addition to at the unusual lifetime of the distant and mysterious corners of our planet. (20020401)

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The long tail with a tuft of long hairs on the end counterbalances their weight. The full function of the tufted tail is not clear. The tuft may permit greater maneuverability, its position at the end of a long tail helping to steer the animal even while it is in mid-air. Presumably, pulling the tail through the air causes drag, which resists and opposes the rat’s movements. The tuft may also attract the strike of a predator. In some species the tuft is a startling black and white color, like a flag.

Other mammalogists and I use many techniques to collect specimens. Larger species we hunt with a rifle or shotgun. We also catch large mammals alive in cage traps (and some may be euthanized if they are destined for a museum). Small mammals are almost always collected with traps, and there are many types of traps that cater to the different requirements of the researcher and the different habits of the mammals. The most common are similar to the mousetraps that you might use at home. They come in several sizes for large and small rodents and are designed to kill an animal instantly by breaking its back or neck without damaging parts of the body (skull, teeth) that are important in research.

Many (if not most) larger mammals are collected as salvage specimens that were already dead and would otherwise be left to decompose (roadkills, beached whales). The few mammals that are prepared as museum specimens are humanely killed, sometimes with ether or carbon dioxide. More often, small mammals are killed by thoracic compression, which stops the heart quickly. In such cases an animal dies rapidly. A Sherman live trap (3 inches × 3 inches × 10 When I and other mammalogists catch inches) set near a stake.

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A Desert Calling: Life in a Forbidding Landscape by Michael A. Mares

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