New PDF release: A Beginner?s Guide To BorderManager 3.x (Third Edition,

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ISBN-10: 1146075561

ISBN-13: 9781146075565

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Эта книга от Craig Johnson ( Novell aid Connection SysOp и добавлю от себя - известнейшего специалиста в данной области) раскрывает наиболее полно все апекты в понимании и настройке Novell BorderManager (Корпоративного Firweall от Novell Inc.), версий от 3.0 до 3.8, включая настройку BorderManager 3.8 IKE-base VPN . Эта книга доступна только в электронном виде на сайте автора по цене $44.95.

От себя также добавлю что эта книга видимо единственная (и к счастью исчерпывающе полная) по данной теме.

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The first (more public) firewall allows only selected inbound traffic from the Internet through packet filter exceptions and proxy services. The second (more internal) firewall allows even less traffic through to the Internal LAN, and it also allows some internal traffic outbound to update the isolated servers. This scenario provides additional security to the internal LAN in case the public firewall itself is compromised. Filters and packet filter exceptions would be necessary on each firewall, and proxies might be used at both or either firewall.

0) CISCO SYSTEM S Macintosh Internet Router FTP Server Hub or Switch BorderM anager Server Subnet M ask / Usable Public IP Addresses (rem em ber that one of these addresses goes on the router. 253 to an internal FTP server, Mail server or W eb server, depending on the type of traffic. 254, which is the BorderManager server's private IP address The BorderManager server is set up in a two-interface configuration with one interface labeled as Public and the other as Private. The public interface is connected to a router connected to the Internet.

The two techniques in use are NAT (Network Address Translation) and Proxy. BorderManager provides both capabilities. Both techniques effectively substitute the public IP address of the BorderManager server for the actual (private) source address of the host originating the traffic. There is not a problem using NAT and proxy services at the same time. You can easily have some types of traffic using a proxy and other types of traffic using NAT. For the security-conscious, bear in mind that using a proxy is considered to be more secure than using NAT, if you have the option of using either.

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